The Royal Beat Downs

The greatest mostly 90's cover band named The Royal Beat Downs you've ever heard of... guaranteed.

With a name like The Royal Beat Downs, it really makes you wonder how on earth this whole thing started.  As the story goes, there was a desperate need for a creative outlet from a hand full of musicians that just so happened to work together at same corporate office in Dallas.  So in 2011, with an affinity towards 90's rock, The Royal Beat Downs were formed and started the most amazing, non-beat down, mostly 90's cover band Dallas has to offer.  

We haven't quit our day jobs, but we play every kind of event, from bar gigs and backyard shows to charity events, weddings and college class reunions.  The goal remains simple, play the best and most memorable songs of the 80's and 90's and keep the audience rocking.  Our set list spans classic rock, pop, hip-hop and alternative rock to provide something for everyone to sing along to.